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Marden S. Design

Godzilla Birthday T-Shirt - Embroidery

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This Godzilla Birthday T-Shirt is the perfect gift for the Godzilla fan in your life. Featuring embroidery work, this t-shirt ensures a long-lasting design that will last through birthdays to come. Its comfortable fit makes it great to wear all day long. 

Personalized embroidery shirt with your choice of letter, fabric colors, and thread colors. Contact us and we can come up with an adorable color/fabric matching your shirt or sweater.

Shirts or Sweaters are made to order and the design is embroidered, meaning stitched onto the shirt for lasting durability. 

Please note this is not a patch. All items are designed with Commercial Model Embroidery Machine to ensure the best quality!

Refer to images along with size chart specs to ensure the proper size is purchased.